The Art of Service Membership

Why would you sign up for the membership

You want to be in control of what toolkit topics you receive.

You don't want to wait a month for the next toolkit to arrive.

You want your chosen toolkit now...

Perfect! Become a member and join The Art of Service Membership.

What does the Membership give me?

When you sign up for a The Art of Service membership, you will enjoy a full year's worth of membership benefits.
Once your membership is activated you can purchase as many toolkits as you want at a 25% discount.
Once activated you can buy and save as many toolkits as you like!

Becoming a member is easy:

Purchase the annual membership for USD$250.

Once your membership has been approved we will activate your online store account to the Membership Group.

In a Hurry!! Need a specific toolkit right now?

You always have the option to purchase additional toolkits and resources from our store, that’s the quickest and most convenient way to get on demand instant access to the latest toolkits.