The Art of Service is helping more than 100,000 clients in over 100 countries stay ahead of the game with Self Assessment Toolkits covering a range of topics. The company is on a mission to help C-level executives identify blinds spots in their businesses while properly vetting third-party consultants, or eliminating them entirely. And, because consultants need consultants, too, The Art of Service recently released its first certified consultant program based on decades of in-house experience.

When husband and wife Ivanka Menken and Gerard Blokdijk first founded The Art of Service in 2000, their primary goal as consultants was to help businesses grow by breaking down IT silos.

Over the years, the entrepreneurial pair saw the rise of conflicting trends: one toward rapid, agile development and another centered on compliance and risk aversion. At the same time, budgets were shrinking, and leaders were asked to do more with less.

Could businesses have their cake and eat it — affordably? Ivanka and Gerard thought so.

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